Steak and Sweet Potato Baked Eggs


Leftovers are seriously the best. Why anyone would deny themselves the luxury of not having to make every single meal from scratch by throwing out leftovers is completely beyond me…. But in my circumstance I can’t have any pre-packaged anything, so if I want easy, I have to resort to leftovers. 

For example, when I bake sweet potatoes, I don’t just make enough for one meal. I bake a bunch of them so I can pick at them throughout the week. I make a big batch of pretty much everything, because although it may look like I love to cook, I don’t love to cook every blasted meal every single day. Mama gets tired!

This all being said – this morning I am having baked eggs over, you guessed it, leftovers. Grass fed steak and baked sweet potato to be exact. I added some diced Vidalia onion, detoxifying cilantro, and a pinch of smoky paprika that adds a dose of vitamin E (great for neurological function) and not to mention great flavor.

Check out the color of those yolks!

I choose local, pasture raised eggs as they are easier on my corn allergy and packed full of protein and vital nutrients from happy chickens having the diet they are supposed to have: bugs. 

Just look at these beauties!

This dish is super simple – just throw whatever ingredients you want to use in a tiny greased pan or ramekin, top with some eggs, sprinkle salt and spices of choice, bake in your toaster oven or oven at 350 for 12-15 min. Done. 


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