Lunch Time for the Toddler |corn free options

Just about every day my husband is home with us, he asks “what is that baby going to have for lunch?”. And, every single time,  my response is “whatever I find in the fridge”. That’s how it goes. With our food intolerances there is no popping down the road to grab some quick takeout. There is no ordering delivery. The only option is food that has strictly been made with our very own hands using ingredients that we know to be safe. Some days are a bit trickier than others, depending on how recently the shopping has been done, but I usually have no issue rummaging up some random odds and ends to make a healthy lunch for my little guy.

Thankfully, I can get him to eat most vegetables. I just have to be sure that they are organic and have been scrubbed to death. This being said, most days I find it easy to throw together a simple little medley of veggies, give them a quick steam, or sauté them up in a touch of avocado oil.

Mushrooms + Carrots
Sautéed Baby Bellas and Carrots for the win. 

I try to pair this with a protein of sorts on most days, but I have found that he has to be on a pretty wide rotation when it comes to the protein department. For example, if I make him homemade gluten-free chicken nuggets one day, the next day he is not so enthused about them. And sometimes even the day after that, they are still a no-go. This goes for any form of protein! I have to get really creative. Today there were no options available in the fridge, but since he had sausage for breakfast, I am not too worried about it. Buttered brown rice noodles and Chēbē pizza bites it is! Eh, healthy enough. Throw some fresh fruit in the mix, and he’s good to go.ChebePizzaBites

OriginalSpeaking of Chēbē, have you tried them?Chēbē is a mix that can be found in some health food stores that make delicious little Brazilian cheese rolls. There are lots of recipes for making these cheese rolls, but I love the convenience of the little box mix; I will gladly take advantage of convenience, seeing how about 95% of all other convenient pre-packaged foods have been taken away from me due to being “corn-taminated”.

It’s great when you make a batch of these guys and have lots of them leftover. They keep well in the fridge, and all you have to do is pop them in the toaster oven and they taste as fresh as when they first popped out of the oven.

I simply cut them in half, add a touch of pizza sauce or marinara (organic and corn-safe, of course) and top with some safe-for-us cheese. Pop them back in the toaster oven to melt the cheese, and done. Quick and easy snack or lunch option!

ToddlerLunchIt was simple. The little one ate it. Mama’s happy. Now time to think about dinner. Definitely having something green….. 😉


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