The Corny Truth Series: Water


Ever since finding out about my corn allergy, and making hundreds of life changes in order to accommodate said allergy, I have run into countless things that have caused me to have a reaction. The most frustrating has been water. That’s right… I was corned by water. Can you imagine the sheer horror I felt when I discovered that the reason why I was developing sores in my mouth and having a severe autoimmune meltdown was because of water? You know, the stuff we have to drink in order to stay alive? I literally wanted to scream and punch everything in sight. I was angry.

I had read on one of the Facebook groups I belong to that this could happen… and well, it did. I had avoided this issue for quite some time while I was living in FL, because the filtered water that we refilled our 5 gallon water bottles with was apparently safe. I never had a problem with it. Then we moved, and had to find a new place to refill our bottles…. then BOOM, allergic reaction. It took me a few days to figure out what was causing it, because I least suspected the friggin’ water.

Come to find out, filtered water can become corny when it is filtered through certain activated charcoals, or if certain elements of the filter is made from corn. Awesome. Not only should a corn intolerant person try to avoid these types of filters, but also should be weary of all bottled water in plastic bottles. I am sure that you have heard not to leave your plastic water bottles out in the heat because it could “cause cancer”. Well, the theory behind that is that when the plastic gets heated up, it releases it’s plasticky chemicals into the water. Using this same idea – imagine what happens if the bottle is made from corn derived plastic, like most of them are these days. And that corn is not non-GMO organic. You can be as careful as you want to be about the water bottles being in the heat, but you have no idea what happened to those bottles of water before they landed in your hands. They could have been sitting in a hot warehouse or a hot truck. Best to just stay away from plastic bottled water, even if you are not corn intolerant.

Filtered “mineral” water, or water with added electrolytes (Smart Water)? Yeah, those minerals and electrolytes are often derived from corn or suspended in a corn-based carrier and added to the filtered water. Fiji water has  worked with me (although it is in a plastic bottle) because it contains natural minerals as it was naturally filtered through volcanic rock. Fancy.

What about plain old tap water? There are a bunch of ways that can be corny – chlorine, citric acid added to balance the pH, the filtration process, and agricultural run-offs just to list some.

Just as with all foods, we must be super diligent in finding out exactly where it has come from and how it was processed, or we will continuously be sick. And for those of you who are not corn intolerant – what are your thoughts on the fact that GMO corn is literally hiding in everything? You may think that it is not bothering you now, but I am honestly afraid to see what the future holds for everyone’s health. It can’t be good.

I hope that you find the information in this post helpful. Please follow my blog to find out what else I have learned!


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