Our Bi-Weekly Milk and Cider Run

Since figuring out that my sweet little boy is intolerant to cows milk and corn, finding good alternatives has become a little tricky. If he were allergic to only the cows milk, I could easily handle that, but the corn situation is what really throws us for a loop. I have certainly found goats milk and almond milk to be great alternatives, but as with everything else we consume in this corn intolerant household, we have to be super careful, and pretty much can not have anything that is sold in stores.

Here’s why:

Almond milk that is packaged and sold in stores always has additives and thickeners. Although they may not be corny, for some reason our stomachs do NOT tolerate gums of any sort, or carrageenan. I have checked every single label in existence at all grocery stores, and every single one of them has either some sort of gum or carrageenan listed, and let me tell you, the cramps and explosive trips to the bathroom are not worth it one bit. Instead of buying any of these guys, I have learned to make my own from corn-safe raw almonds. My little one loves it, but due to the much lower fat content than whole milk, it doesn’t leave him satisfied.

Goats milk is great. From what I hear, the fat molecules closely match those of human milk – making it much easier to digest. We have had zero problems with goats milk, as long as it is raw. The reason why I can’t buy that super convenient stuff you see in stores is because it is fortified with vitamins, which doesn’t sound too bad until you find out that those vitamins are suspended in corn oil as the carrier. For a corn intolerant person, that is bad, and causes immediate reactions. How do I get around this? We found a guy. He has goats. He sells raw milk.

We may have to drive 45 minutes each way to get to his little farm, but that is ok. I am thankful to have the option, and to have something that works wonders for my son. And you know? I actually look forward to the drive. If you would have told me a year ago that I would have to drive 45 minutes just to pick up one thing, I would have been totally annoyed. Driving that long in Jacksonville, Fl is not out of the ordinary due to the massive size of that city, but it is definitely not an enjoyable drive. Not much to look at besides strip mall after strip mall, except the occasional spectacular glimpse of the St. John’s river or the intracoastal waterway. Now that I live in upstate NY, I relish the time spent gazing at the gorgeous creeks and streams, gawking at the majestic old Victorian and farm houses with their ancient looking barns, and watching the hills roll by as we drive down quaint, tree-lined country roads. Especially today. What wondrous fall colors we got to behold! This area sets a phenomenal scene for daydreaming – something I like to think of myself as a pro at.

I may have forgotten my phone in the car when we saw the farmer… and will have to get pictures next time! After we leave the farm, we always head over to Fly Creek, a local cider mill, where we stock up on fresh apples and pure apple cider, and say hello to the ducks in their duck pond. Our little guy LOVES those ducks! Those apples, though. They are the best. Half of the bag is gone before we even make it home.

So, we may have to go out of our way to find what works for us, but if it weren’t for having to do so, we would not get to go on this fabulous drive every other week. How lucky are we?


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