What The Corn Is Up With Fruit?

No, seriously. What is friggin’ up with the fact that my son and I are constantly reacting to different fruits? Corn. That’s what’s up. That stuff literally finds its way into just about everything. Even other fruits and vegetables that should have absolutely nothing to do with corn, whatsoever.

I have to say, and please don’t let me jinx myself here, we have been pretty lucky with most organic veggies, so far. Fruit, on the other hand, not so much. I repeatedly try different kinds, ranging from organic to conventional, and most of the time they tend to be a no go. What have I learned? I shall tell you.

As you probably know, conventional fruits are sprayed relentlessly with pesticides. Those pesticides not only coat the outside of the plant, but also seep into the soil and water, causing the plant to absorb them as well. That fact alone should be terrifying to anyone, food allergy or not. What makes it worse for those of us with a corn allergy is the fact that those pesticides are made with corn derivatives, rendering all edible food corny…. no fun guys. No. Fun.

Think you are in the clear with organic fruits and veggies? While they are most definitely the better choice, these guys pack a pretty high corntamination possibility as well. They may not be sprayed with “toxic” chemicals…but they still sometimes use vegetable derived sprays that are also made from corn. You know that waxy coating they often coat the produce with? That is corny too. Yippee Skippee!

Another way fruits can be contaminated, particularly bananas, tomatoes, avocados, and sometimes apples and plums, is through administered ethylene gas. This corny gas causes the underripe produce that was picked early for transportation to quickly ripen upon arrival to the market. I have tried and tried to eat organic bananas, but I react to them every single time. I finally had to give up completely.

At first, this sounded so whacked out and crazy to me that I was in complete denial and just continued to eat regular old produce that I could easily afford, only to constantly react to almost every meal I ate. I was basically forced into buying everything as local and organic as possible, because my body was literally revolting to the chemicals. Still to this day I try to ignore what I know to be true, and eat something like some conventionally grown cantaloupe, only getting one to two bites in before my mouth starts burning. Then there is a metallic taste in my mouth, I am left with a stabbing headache, and I am literally bloated for 2 days. Cantaloupe.

Luckily, I have just moved to upstate New York and am surrounded by beautiful countryside, and lots of organic farmers and amish people. So far I have been pretty lucky finding various places in which I can get safe fruits and veggies..until winter. Then I will probably be writing about how I am figuring my way out around that one. Ha!

Do you have any experience in finding fresh, corn safe produce in the north during the winter? If so, I would love any advice!


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