Simple Mills Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

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Omg. Seriously. I can not be more thrilled that I have found an easy, throw-together box mix to make yummy treats for our crazy allergy-riddled family. Yes… I can make my own from scratch, but if you looked at my list of foods I already have to make from scratch on a daily basis, you would totally understand my sheer excitement. Yippee skippee!

As you may know, if you have read any of my previous blog posts, my son and I are allergic to corn, and together with my husband, we are all gluten intolerant. And my poor son is also lactose intolerant. As you can see… this makes for some very challenging baking. Gluten free is easy enough to find and prepare these days, but throw in a corn allergy on top of that, and it becomes darn near impossible, because corn is in everything. Sometimes, even if it isn’t listed as an ingredient in something, it can still be cross-contaminated anyway, rendering it absolutely useless to us. Cross-contamination has been the biggest hurdle – because we have to trial every single brand if we do not get a legit response from the manufacturer. (Btw – Bob’s Red Mill anything is out due to serious “corntamination”)

I did find a brand a while back called Namaste Foods, that listed on their packaging that their products were corn free. I bought some after doing a happy dance in the middle of the health food isle, just to figure out later, after having repeat reactions, that the xanthin gum they use actually is derived from corn. Lesson learned: do not trust the manufacturing companies to tell you something is corn free…because most of the time they actually have no clue what corn is actually in unless the word “corn” is in the name of the ingredient. Funny thing is they recently changed their packaging, and it no longer says “corn free”. Now they know.

Anywho, these muffins. Holy molasses. Go get a box right now and try them, you will not be disappointed! Unless you are allergic to nuts – in that case, do not try these… they will not be your friend.

FullSizeRender 3
This list of ingredients makes me very, very happy. No preservatives. No hard to pronounce anything. Just pure, simple ingredients, the way that it should be.


It can’t get much easier than that to enjoy a simple, delicious, grain free, paleo muffin. I can’t wait to try their other products!

Disclaimer: I tend to be more on the corn lite side – meaning that I have very limited environmental reactions, and do not tend to have full blown anaphylaxis reactions to ingesting small amounts of corn… yet. If you are someone that has severe reactions, I always urge you to exercise extreme caution when testing one of my recipes or product suggestions. I will always try to only suggest purely corn-free foods, but you really never do know unless you check it out yourself. ❤


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