Corn vs. Corn Derivatives

I belong to a Facebook group for people suffering from corn allergies and intolerance, and came across an interesting post the other day that initially surprised me, but then made total sense once I started following the comments.

A woman wrote in that she gave in at a family barbecue over the weekend, and ate an ear of sweet corn. My first reaction was “whaaaaaaaaat was she thinking”! But she went on to say that she knew that she was intolerant to it, but decided to try it out anyway, and lo and behold, she did not react the same way to the sweet corn as she did when eating corn derivatives. She barely had a reaction at all. How could that be possible?

I followed, because I had to know what the community had to say about it, and the comments to follow made absolute sense. First, whole kernel corn does not fully break down in our digestive systems, making it harder for the particles to be absorbed by the intestinal tract. It essentially passes right on through.

Now, when ingredients are derived from corn, the actual corn kernel is processed down, making it very easily absorbable by our digestive systems – which would explain sudden, harsh reactions to something as seemingly harmless as citric acid added as a preservative. Even worse, corn derivatives are most commonly made from pesticide riddled, GMO crops that do not pass for immediate consumption. All of those chemicals absorbed by the corn are still going to be present in all of the derivatives found in ALL packaged food. That very often also includes organic products that do not list citric acid, ascorbic acid or mixed tocopherols as being certified organic.

And, apparently you have to wear a hazmat suit to touch it. Ummm… what?

I never would have known that corn was literally in everything unless I had gone through what I did to find out I was allergic. I have to say, that even if I were not allergic to it, I would still be outraged that the food industry has somehow managed to taint everything that we eat and use to cleanse our bodies and our homes with something that could cause widespread health issues in hundreds of thousands of people, whether they are intolerant or not. There are no other choices, so the entire U.S. population blindly eats corn derivatives in just about every single bite of food that they put in their mouth. How could anyone possibly know if they are being affected by corn, if their body never has a single day’s break from it? Well played FDA.

All this being said, I don’t think that I am quite ready to go out and gnaw on an ear of corn to test it out… I am just going to take her word for it! Just thought it made for an interesting thought.

Do you have any experience with eating corn and having no reactions as opposed to reacting to corn derivatives? I would love to hear from you!


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