My Painful, Corny Awakening Part 2: It Gets Ugly

I was home from Texas barely a week before my husband came home form working out of town, and we decided to take a road trip from Florida to upstate New York to surprise his mother for Mother’s Day.  The day we left, I woke up in so much pain that all I could do was cry. I took pain meds, and they didn’t even touch the surface of the excruciating muscle and joint pain that I was experiencing.  This one particular muscle between my shoulder blades on the right side was constantly seizing up on me and was pretty much all I could think of the entire time we were driving for two straight days. On top of that? Nausea. Not so bad like I had motion sickness. Just this horrible, underlying, low-level nausea that was just enough to make me not really want to eat anything. Pure misery.

Since I had so much time on my hands in the car, I started to do some more research on the ol’ google about food intolerances symptoms. Then I came across an article about a mom trying to figure out what was going on with her toddler son. She described his behavior as generally moody, could never sit still for even one second -always looked lIke he was looking for something, would get angry easily, bowel movements went from being constipated to having diarrhea, as well as a very low attention span.

My child has not been content with sitting still since the day he was born. He was always looking for something. I could never take him into stores without it being a full blown melt down, even as a newborn. I had already taken gluten out of his diet as well at this point, thinking that it would help his stomach issues. But when I read that corn intolerance actually mimics gluten intolerance symptoms, I decided right then and there that we were taking it out of our diets that day.

Oh, that next day. And the two weeks following…..Have you ever seen, or heard stories of people detoxing off of heavy drugs?  We both had horrible withdrawal symptoms within ONE DAY of taking corn out of our diets. It was literally is if we were taking drugs, and tried to quit them cold-turkey. Luckily, my son did not have it nearly as badly as I did, but I also had been abusing my poor body with corn and corn derivatives for 30 more years than he had. Here is a rundown of the symptoms that wracked my poor body for 2 straight weeks:

  • Low grade fever
  • chills/hot flashes
  • sweating constantly
  • uncontrollable shaking from head to toe
  • extreme muscle and joint pain – worse than I had ever experienced before. I cried when I had to wash my hands, it hurt so badly.
  • insomnia/fatigue. I never slept at night, and all I wanted to do was sleep all day, but I couldn’t. I had to adult.
  • weakness in arms and legs. Could barely dress myself, let alone pick up my son. It hurt to open and close my hands. Putting my hair up in a ponytail was more than I could handle. I just plain couldn’t do it.
  • migraines
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • zero appetite
  • blurry vision
  • Runny nose and watery eyes
  • sever depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts.  I hate to even admit this one, because my father committed suicide, and I know how severely damaging it is to everyone around you. I get it now. He had allergies also, and I suspect I inherited this lovely one from him. I get it. I couldn’t live like that either.
  • Light headedness/ dizziness/ blacking out upon standing, every single time I stood. Sometimes this is accompanied by uncontrolled twitching as I am going down.. I am convinced I am having mild seizures (will be asking about this with my new doctor – which you will find out why i have not gone to old doctor much)
  • Severe vitamin deficiencies resulting in almost translucent skin (you could see every vein in my body) heavy bruising from unknown causes from head to toe.
  • My nails started to separate from my nail beds. I had bloody cuticles on almost every finger. I couldn’t put my hands in my pockets without splitting another cuticle.
  • Severe dry/scabbing scalp. It was actually painful.
  • You ready for this? Wild, uncontrollable anger at absolutely nothing. I could not stop myself from “moaning” – think of an angry bull. That is the sound I would make. I could not stop. And the kicker is, my kid did it too, and I finally figured out why he did it all the time. Crazy. Corn brings out the “meanies”

Who would have thought that corn could cause all of that? I thought that I was dying. I thought that dying would be a welcome break from the hell my body was putting me through, although I would never do that to my family. But, that wasn’t the worst of it. There was more still to come that would test me and send me beyond the edge of being able to cope, repeatedly.


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  1. Shantae says:

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however,
    you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uranatural says:

      Shantae, I am constantly learning more and more everyday through research and personal trials and errors! I agree… There is a LOT of conflicting information out there… And I try to be as truthful and knowledgable as possible before writing anything, so as not to add to the confusion. I am sure I will still make mistakes, because it is a learning process for sure.Thank you so very much for your kind words! ❤️


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