Wait, What Do You Feed Your Cows?

Holy molasses! This whole time I thought my poor kid was lactose intolerant…. Come to find out it was what the cows were eating all along! If you are corn-intolerant, you may have also thought you were lactose intolerant, but chances are, if you find some grass-fed dairy it may be just fine for your sensitive tummy. Give it a try! (Carefully)

I have just located a local grass-fed dairy that will even bottle it in glass if I provide the bottles. And… They have CHEESE! Glory be!

I can’t tell you what a relief this is!

To read more about the benefits of grass-fed milk and beef, please visit this site. This is the “about” page for the local grass-fed dairy – where they explain the science behind it all.

Silly humans have just about destroyed the food industry with their insistence on force feeding everything and everyone corn.

Update: Well… I thought that I was in the clear with this one, until we started to have reactions to it anyway. Since this original post, I have learned that the addition of vitamin D actually makes the milk corny, because the vitamin D is suspended in corn oil.. so no Organic Valley Grass Milk for us.  On that note, no fortified ANYTHING for us.


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