Vanilla extract is NOT corn-free!

For those of us suffering from corn allergy or intolerance, finding vanilla extract that has “no added corn syrup” is very exciting! UNTIL you have a reaction to it anyway, because of the “alcohol” used to make the extract…. I guess that would be why it says “no added” instead of just plain “no corn”. Guess I will be ordering some vanilla beans and hunting down some potato vodka!


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  1. Kelly Anderson says:

    Have you looked into the Nelson Massey brand? I believe their Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is corn free (as well as free of the other big allergens and safe for celiacs).


    1. uranatural says:

      I believe I have seen that on the shelves at the store, but I have not looked into the ingredients. I will definitely have to check into that! Thank you, Kelly!


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